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You can wave a goodbye to all the problems personal hygiene problems with our range of personal hygiene products. While at home or on the go, be it dirty hands or toilet seats, mosquitoes or intimate area care we have safe and easy to use.

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The daily use Pee Safe Panty Liners keeps you dry and fresh all day long. Each liner is crafted with a cottony-soft surface infused with Aloe Vera that lets you enjoy your day without worry of a little flow.



Harshita Arya

Personal hygiene is something we can't compromise with. We generally face the problem of dirty toilet seats in public washrooms and we end up using that because of the very urge to do so and hence, end up with carrying those germs within our body that in turn causes lot of serious health issues. We, women, compromise for everything. But now, let's say no to it with Pee Safe. It comes with spray formula which is easy to use and sanitizes the toilet seat on the go. It's definitely a must have for every women out there.


Pee safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer. It looks like a perfume bottle and can be carried everywhere. I have been using the product for one week at home. Offers complete sanitization and prevent the germs and bacteria that are commonly found on the toilet seat in public restrooms. While this handy can should be used by everyone who would use a public restroom, we would recommend this to be used by women, kids over 5 years old and men even.

Tanveen Kaur

PeeSafe is the best thing that could have happened.It’s the best way with which we can ensure hygiene & good health...We all sometimes have to use public toilets & washrooms of metro , where there are chances of contracting any kind of infection especially to women .It prevents urinary tract infections.It’s a must for every female!

Pratibha Pal

If you are looking for a product to keep the mosquitoes at bay, then you should opt for this. It can be directly sprayed on the skin as well to ensure double protection. It has a very pleasant aroma in comparison to the other variants available in the market. I was a bit skeptical about using it on the skin. Before I used it on my boys, I used it on my skin to ensure there was no reaction. If you are indoors, you can spray the mosquito repellent in the air. Pocket-friendly and this makes a great travel companion too if you are going to spend time outdoors. This is an alcohol and DEET free mosquito repellent which makes it safe to use for kids as well. It has a base of citronella and neem that are proven insect repellents.

Anu Sharma

Your hands don’t need to remember every place that they have visited. This wonderful foaming hand sanitizer is alcohol free and moisturises your hands as you clean them. PalmSafe is a must-have product that you should carry with you everywhere you go! Priced at INR 140, this foaming and sanitizer can last up to 2 months with regular use. This is safe to use for kids as well. One thing that I noticed about PalmSafe is that it doesn’t leave your hand slightly sticky like most conventional hand sanitizers do. Plus the fragrance is really mild so you don’t get an overpowering fragrance at all.

Vatsla Shah

Has it ever happened to you that you picked up those weights, only to find your fingers and palm covered with the sweat of the previous user? Or the time you hold the handles of the treadmill and the likes silently shutting off the vision of the sweaty towel that was kept on it by other users. Sounds icky right? Even visualising it seems to zone me out! You can’t be roaming around the gym with a clean towel scrubbing every equipment you want to use! And I suppose that is precisely why they launched GymSafe, a sanitizing spray for the gym users.

Prerna Garg

My first thought on this is that they are extremely travel friendly. Sized between 60 – 75 ml, these cans can easily fit in your pockets, burlap bags and purses too. So there really isn’t an excuse to NOT carry these. You need this to protect yourself from any possible infections and toilet borne disease. This tiny can not only cleanses, but also sanitizes and deodorizes too! The minty fragrance is actually fresh and lasts long enough to not gag you with the foul odours that are commonly found lingering in public restrooms. So I can safely visit a public restroom and be sure of complete hygienic protection. Whether you are at a mall, an airport or even at a friend’s home, use PeeSafe to completely sanitize the bathrooms. I could not have asked for anything better! I use it at home as well to sanitize the toilets completely.

Geeta Chauhan

Yesterday I traveled to Kolkata from Delhi by train. I was scary about the public toilet in the train. But thanks to my Pee Safe. It deodorizes the whole toilet and prevents the germs, it sanitizes the area within 5 seconds. I was fully protected from the threatened of UTI. Now train journey is not scary anymore. Thanks, Pee Safe

Harshal Agarwal

Ladies what do you hate about traveling or staying out of home for long??? For me its using public toilets. I just hate using toilets outside my home. It’s scary to catch an infection too.But here is a great product to my rescue, Pee safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer. It looks like a perfume bottle and can be carried everywhere. I have been using the product for one week at home